Who are the volunteers of the Nederlands BurgerPlatform (NBP)?

We are active citizens, as “without active citizens, a democracy cannot exist” (Pierre Rosanvallon).

The problem is that national politics does not reach the citizens. Almost all meetings of political parties are tightly organised. Citizens´ voice is hardly being heard. Nevertheless, political parties keep asking themselves why the level of dissatisfaction of a large number of citizens is so high.

"Without active citizens, a democracy cannot exist"

What is there for the citizens at national level? The corrective and advisory referendums have been definitely undone (24 November 2017 and 10 July 2018 respectively). The mostly unknown national internet consultation, the civic forum, which should become a reflection of the population, and the civic initiative with 40,000 signatures are a sham.

"The internet consultation, the civic forum and the civic initiative are a sham"

What is there to take their place? Nothing? No, as the NBP organises in 2018 and 2019 four meetings and one national event where the citizens do get a voice. We want to offer to the representatives of the people in the lower house of Parliament the outcomes of our meetings and event in order to place them on the political agenda.

The volunteers of the NBP possess unrestrained energy, an unstoppable passion and they are developing a professional organisation. Doing everything to realise our ideal: “the strengthening of democracy and enhancing the engagement of citizens at national level”.

"The strengthening of democracy and enhancing the engagement of citizens at national level"

Elisabeth Hunyadi
Founder, Chairperson Management Board Stichting NBP

Prof.Dr. David Pinto
Chairperson Advisory Board Stichting NBP