We are open, sober, critical and realistic, reliable, and down to earth in the society. We are not standing still by words. We’ll do it! We are saying what we’ll do and do what we’ll say. By initiating a national civic platform, we are there for a relevant, responsible and compelling public role.
You can count on us!


We are initiating and facilitating a national civic platform, as we find that politics in The Hague falls short of involving you in the public debate. It is our motivation, challenge, passion and commitment. We want to transform anger, frustration, disappointment and political cynicism into positive energy. Nourishing the public debate through this positive energy.
Passion for your engagement in political renewal!


We have been taking the initiative to establish a national platform due to our sincere interest in your insight, views and arguments. Our standpoint is that you know what’s going on. You are assertive enough to reflect and provide solutions concerning societal issues affecting you. More democracy based on understanding and empathy and less politics!


We believe: “our strength is our unity”. We engage together with you. We connect each other and politics from The Hague to you. We are advocating a broad support. With more widely endorsed societal outcomes. It’s only in that case that politicians in The Hague can get a realistic picture of your insight. Together we stand strong!